Monday, July 30, 2007

Liyu & Liubo: "13 Months In The Year Of The Dog"

2006 marked the year of the dog according to the Chinese lunar calendar, which consisted of 13 months and totaled 385 days. In that year, Chinese photographers Liyu & Liubo staged and recreated stories collected from local newspapers. Inspired by film, television and news photos, the photographs are quite thought-provoking. They challenge the authenticity of the media and our often willingness to blindly accept it as truth. Ultimately, Liyu sums it up by stating:

"Our selection of the news stories was inspired by the early-mentioned news report. But nowadays, the magic power and literary value of news has far exceeded our anticipation and even films: deceit, murder, eroticism and violence…so striking and unimaginable. How can one decide whether these stories have truly happened or not, simply relying on written words? Maybe it's not important, at least they have truly existed in the papers."

Chutian Golden Paper 2006-04-05

Failing in stealing, a thirteen-year-old girl set fire to classmate's flat

Xiao Qian (an anonym), a thirteen-year-old girl, copied the house key of her classmate, LinYu (an anonym) and stole in the flat many times. On April first, Xiao Qian entered into Lin's flat again and stole nothing. Getting irritated, she actually set fire to the bedroom. Yesterday, the two families came to terms. Xiao Qian's family paid Lin Yu's family ¥30,000.

Chutian Metropolis Daily 2006-05-30

An anonymous female body found on Yangtze River bank, Hankou –Experts drew portraits for collecting more clues

May 2nd, an anonymous female body was found in Hankou Binjiangyuan Ferry. Since the face of the body has been seriously distorted and unidentifiable, one detective expert from Shanghai Railway Police Station and one professor from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts were invited respectively by Wuhan water guard to draw portraits for reappearance. Yesterday the portraits were publicized and related clues would be offered a reward.

Chutian Metropolis Daily 2006-10-12
Chopping Horror: Eight fingers lost and no found

A shocking horror occurred in ErQi Road, Hankou last night. Five suspects chopped off a man’s eight fingers and threw him into a taxicab. Though he was brought through in the hospital, the victim will still be disabled for the suspects refused to return the chopped fingers. Afterwards, the victim’s wife went back to the scene of the crime with the police searching for the fingers but found nothing.

All Images Copyright ©2007 Liyu & Liubo