Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blurb's "Photography Book Now" Winners Announced!

Blurb released the list of winners for their "Photography Book Now" contest today. Among the varied honorees were a number of Exposure Project contributors. Project co-founder Anastasia Cazabon's Love and Rivalry received an Honorable Mention; Issue 4 photographers Susan Worsham and Elizabeth Fleming both earned awards (Worsham a Runner-Up award in the fine art category for Some Fox Trails in Virginia and Fleming an Honorable Mention for her book Life is a Series of Small Moments). In addition, Graphic Intersections contributors Ed Panar and Irina Rozovsky also both garnered Honorable Mentions for 574 Views of Johnstown and One To Nothing respectively.

Below is the cover image of Grand Prize Winner Rafal Milach's Black Sea of Concrete:

From "Black Sea of Concrete"
© Rafal Milach

For a full list of winners, visit Blurb's website here. Also, Anastasia and I will be attending the New York Awards Ceremony and Meet-up, so if you're there say Hi.