Thursday, October 8, 2009

"End of Summer" Book Giveaway Winner!

We've spent the last few weeks sifting through all of the "End of Summer" book giveaway entries. There were so many good images that perfectly encapsulated the essence of summer that it was ultimately quite difficult to select a winner. We did, however, and our favorite summer photograph came courtesy of Mathew Scott. His photograph, from an ongoing project entitled American Vacations, can be seen below along with the 5 runner-up images. Thanks to everyone who submitted work.


From "American Vacations"
© Mathew Scott

Exposure Project: When did you relationship with photography begin? Were photographs an integral part of your childhood? And if so, in what context - the family photo album, the museum, the magazine or newspaper, etc.?

Mathew Scott: My relationship with photography started when I was young. both my parents have artistic backgrounds, and always encouraged us to explore out creative sides. My father was really into photography and he had a small studio set up in the house. He never did it professionally, but he does have a great fashion portfolio that I would love to get my hands on now! I remember a specific time that really peaked my interest- This hair metal band came over, and I got to watch my dad shoot there promo pictures. I remember they where all decked out in leopard print clothes, and had tons of make-up on (again... 80's hair metal). I was pretty young at this point, but that memory is very vivid, and I would have to credit that to playing a part in what I am doing today. High School was when I really figured things out. It was my first experience with the darkroom, learning how to develop my own film, print my own images, and be in complete control of what I was doing. This was huge for me, I became obsessed, and I haven't looked back since.

Exposure Project: Tell us a little about the impetus behind your project The Book of Mathew?

Mathew Scott: The Book of Mathew has taken many turns and "ideas" since I first started working on it. Originally, It was just a way to keep my personal work organized, it acted like a home for the images that where not part of any particular project, but still held importance to me. In the past, I have tried to turn it into something, but that never really worked for me. All I ended up with was a vague "project", accompanied but an over inflated artist statement, full of pretentious art talk... I quickly got off that ride, thank god. Where it stands now, There really is no beginning or end, and I never set out to shoot specifically for that portfolio. The images are outakes of memorable commissioned shoots, random drives, and personal travels. If I die tomorrow, this would most likely best represent me, both professionally, and personally.

Exposure Project: What are you working on now? Any exciting projects on the horizon?

Mathew Scott: My main focus now is to concentrate on the commercial side of my work. I am putting more effort into marketing myself, showing my book, and building on the client relationships I have been lucky enough to make in the short time I have spent here in Los Angeles. Other than that, I will always keep adding to the "Book of Mathew" Series, and I plan on expanding on my "Last Call... Portrait of a Dive Bar" series (I love "working" on that project). Basically, I am happy whenever I am shooting/ making something, so staying productive, and focused is my overall long term goal.


© Christopher Gianunzio

© Michael George

© Stephen Sakulsky

© Natalie Chan

© Joshua Deaner