Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tim Atherton's Peripheral Vision

I received an e-mail yesterday from Tim Atherton, a Canadian photographer currently residing in Edmonton. He was writing to share some images from his new series TRACES- Alleyways & Spandrels, a wonderful project examining the interaction between people and public spaces and the subtle traces left by these encounters. I also discovered an older project of Atherton's called Peripheral Vision. His work is very sensitively addresses issues of land use and appropriation, commenting simultaneously on the topographical and psychological connotations of suburban development. As Atherton himself says:

"There no longer appears to be a clear division between the suburbs and either the urban or rural environment. There now seems to be a generic suburban condition that may be a potential quality for all inhabited spaces. This extended suburban condition does not easily show up on maps, it is in many ways more of a suburban state of mind than a topographic location."

Images from the series Peripheral Vision

All Images © Tim Atherton