Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sarah Hobbs

Sarah Hobbs' photographs address the psychology of human behavior, specifically focusing on the phobic, obsessive and compulsive tendencies that pervade daily life. Each meticulously constructed tableaux focuses on a different psychological ailment, rendering subjects like claustrophobia, insomnia, overcompensation, perfectionism and paranoia. Hobbs' photographs enhance these neuroses by inundating otherwise sparse interiors with the byproducts of these disturbances. Ironically, her compositions possess their own claustrophobic tendencies, limiting the visual space that's explorable within each frame.

For anyone who's interested, you can find a really interesting podcast in which Hobbs discusses the impetus for her work here.

From Top To Bottom:

Untitled (Over Compensation)

Untitled (Fate Compulsion)

Untitled (Insomnia)

Untitled (Obsessiveness)

All Images © Sarah Hobbs