Wednesday, February 13, 2008

War Stories

Mass Art's Bakalar Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition entitled War Stories. The exhibit brings together the photographs of Nina Berman, the paintings of Jenny Holzer and the American premiere of a 10 channel video installation entitled 9 Scripts from a Nation at War by a collective of artists. The work represented in the show reflects contemporary views on the politics, consequences and ideologies of war. The press release for the show asserts:

Among the most powerful and important statements of this war have been images; from the satellite shots of supposed WMD facilities to the digital snapshots of Abu Ghraib. Stand-alone images, though compelling, are still incomplete. The potential for misinterpretation of this highly charged imagery is a given based on each viewer’s subjectivity.

For anyone interested in viewing the exhibit, the pertinent details are as follows:

War Stories
Sandra & David Bakalar Gallery
621 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA

February 11–March 12

From Top to Bottom:

Jenny Holzer, 001996 (Light Purple Black), 2007

Nina Berman, Sgt. Joseph Mosner

Nina Berman, Pfc. Adam Zaremba

All Images © the Artists