Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cine Stills: Mister Lonely

I saw Harmony Korine's new film Mister Lonely about a month ago, and despite my reservations (due to the fact that I really disliked Julien Donkey Boy) I was pleasantly surprised. The plot centers around a Michael Jackson impersonator who befriends a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Paris, who in turn persuades Michael to live at a commune in Scotland full of other impersonators. Marilyn Monroe is married to Charlie Chaplin, who have a daughter named Shirley Temple. If that wasn't enough, there is also a subplot with Werner Herzog and skydiving nuns.

The film is beautiful, funny, sad and exceptionally well shot. It possesses some of the enchanting surrealism of Fellini's best films. You can see the trailer for the film here.

Still from Mister Lonely, 2007. (dir. Harmony Korine, cine. Marcel Zyskind)