Saturday, June 7, 2008

OjodePez Issue # 13: America. This Land Was Made For You and Me

I got an e-mail from Aaron Schuman the other day regarding the new issue of OjodePez (previously mentioned on this blog here) which he was recently given the chance to curate. The new issue entitled America. This Land Was Made For You and Me, contains photographs by Tim Davis, Todd Hido, Jessica Ingram, Colby Katz, Kalpesh Lathigra, Ryan McGinley, Richard Mosse, Stephen Shore & Alec Soth, as well as essays by Schuman, Geoff Dyer and Joerg Colberg.

OjodePez is easily one of the most thought-provoking and beautifully presented photography publications currently in existence. The issues can be rather hard to find and a little expensive, but they're absolutely worth it. If you're having trouble finding the magazine in bookstores, you can conveniently purchase the current issue, as well as all of the back issues from their website.

From Top To Bottom:

Tim Davis, Shell 2, Kearny

Richard Mosse, El Cenizo, near Laredo, Texas

Alec Soth, Dock #2 2005

Colby Katz, Image from the series Rabbit Hunting

All Images © The Artists