Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Image A Week: Ben Huff

Ben Huff recently posted some new work on his blog from his series The Last Road North. If anyone is familiar with his blog, you'll know that Huff has consistently shared wonderful work from his travels in Alaska. It is quite refreshing to see imagery from a part of the world that hasn't been over-photographed to the point of total saturation. The inundation of "American" photographs throughout photographic history has, to some degree, neglected imagery of Alaska in this tradition.

Huff's portraits of the people he meets on the road are both modest and respectful. I particularly love the image above. For as simple and unassuming a photograph as it is, there is a quiet dignity in the man's expression and posture. He seems to trust Huff, and ultimately a photographer couldn't ask for more than this.

You can see more portraits from The Last Road North here.


Image © Ben Huff