Monday, July 21, 2008

Seesaw Summer

The Summer issue of Seesaw Magazine is now up and there is (as usual) some really terrific photography included. Issue #10 compiles work from Andrew Burton , Rian Dundon , Liam Eyers , Betsie Genou , Paul Kusserow , Laura Pannack , Katrina Tang & Iveta Vaivode . You will also find a set of found photographs of a tahitian dancer and an interview with Ryan McGinley .

Seesaw Magazine (the creation of Aaron Schuman) has been cultivated into one of the more interesting online photography zines, always supplying interesting, international work from range of photographers working across the medium. For anyone who hasn't seen the new issue, or for that matter the older ones, you should do so post-haste.

Below you'll find an image from each project included in issue # 10. Enjoy!

From Top To Bottom:

Iveta Vaivode, Image from the series Terminus Riga

Rian Dundon, Changsha, China 2006

Betsie Genou, Image from the series Les Moguichets

Liam Eyers, Image from the series Little Chef

Andrew Burton, Image from the series Nothing That Happens After We Are Twelve Matters Very Much

Katrina Tang, Image from the series Country Schools

Paul Kusserow, Image from the series Brother/Sister

Laura Pannack, Image from the series The Untitled

All Images © The Artists