Friday, September 26, 2008

Thomas Damgaard's Figures and Cityscapes

I found Danish photographer Thomas Damgaard's work today via the Asian Photography Blog. His series Figures and Cityscapes couples introspective portraits of young Bangkok residents with images depicting the explosiveness of metropolitan sprawl. Although I find some of his portraiture to be too artificially controlled, giving the images a forced narrative quality, Damgaard's counterbalancing landscapes photographs give the project more relatability. In the statement, he explains:

"I wanted to make some figure studies of the young urban class in this city, people in between actions - the pause in the everyday where we have a change to reflect on our lifes. I liked the idea of describing this personal space and time that people can have during a short absence and set this in contrast to the dynamic Asian metropolis that is in a state of constant flux and growth."

All photographs from the series Figures and Cityscapes

All Images © Thomas Damgaard