Friday, March 20, 2009

The Eternal Sunshine of Fred & Anne

The vernacular photography website Square America has so many wonderful archives that I was having trouble deciding what to post. That is, until I found The Eternal Sunshine of Fred & Anne, a cryptic and fragmented family album depicting "a 1910's - 20's Iowa couple in which all evidence of former loves has been imperfectly, and often violently, erased." As the site declares:

"A great number of photos had either had faces cut or scratched out or had been removed altogether and all those photos appeared to be of women. Not all the women in the album had been removed but in each case where there was a name attached to a removed photo it was a woman's name. Now I have lots of photos where faces have been cut out to be used in lockets or in album pages like the one at the top of this page but these were far too crudely removed to be of any artistic use. Clearly, someone went through the album and systematically, and sometimes apparently violently, removed photos of women."

Photographers Unknown