Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kudász Gábor Arion's Tourists In Environment

Hungarian photographer Kudász Gábor Arion's Tourists In Environment explores the intersection between leisure culture and crowd mentality. Somewhat inherent in photographs of large crowds is the alienation of the individual at the hand of a more complex social construct. In his statement, Arion asserts that:

"Man is a social animal, but a crowd is not company. Somewhere the group ends in which every participant has a perceptibly formative role, and another, larger-scale organization begins. Social loneliness is a common occurrence in a crowd, as is voluntary uniformity and frustration. On this scale, the personal interaction of members loses its natural quality, becomes noise that hinders homogeneity, an unwanted manifestation of poor organization. It is replaced by thinking along rallying cries that answer simplistic questions. The crowd sets an obstacle to dispassionate dialogue, which is why it is favoured by dictators and whoever likes to fish in troubled waters."

From Top To Bottom:

Beach, Csopak, 2007

Reichstag, Berlin, 2007

Tepid water, Csopak, 2007

Cavalry Days, Romania, 2007

Summit, Pietros, 2003

All Images © Kudász Gábor Arion