Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anja Schaffner's Susurrus

I discovered Anja Schaffner's haunting series Susurrus via The Sonic Blog today. I have to admit that I was previously unfamiliar with the word susurrus. After looking it up, however, I discovered it is: a whispering or rustling sound; a murmur. Schaffner's statement poetically asserts:

"There are moments when I want to slow things down. I stare and imagine those moments on hold. It is like when someone says 'pssst' and you stop and listen for a short while. Afterwards, things continue in their usual way... some images continue to hum though.

Taking photographs is one way of creating a sense of continuity in life. Photographs never end, but perhaps new images can stop the old ones from haunting us."

From Top To Bottom:

Under Cover. Portohelli, 2008

Iro II. London, 2008

Johnny. London, 2008

Eisfeld. Horn-Bad Meinberg, 2007

Auf der Moorlage. Horn-Bad Meinberg, 2008

All Images © Anja Schaffner