Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bill Jacobson's A Series of Human Decisions

In addition to the wonderful Adam Bartos interview that I posted about last week, the new issue of Bomb Magazine contains a feature on Bill Jacobson's recently completed series A Series of Human Decisions. Somewhat of a departure from his more ethereal, softly-focused projects such as Songs of Sentient Beings, Thought Series, Untitled and New Year's Day, Jacobson's new work depicts a decidedly more lucid and descriptive world. As noted on the New York Art Beat website:

"Recently, he has used sharp focus to explore what it means to inhabit the physical, man-made world culminating in a body of work entitled "A Series of Human Decisions." From 2002-2006, Jacobson photographed a variety of interior and exterior architectural spaces, all of which allude to the idea that, unless we are in natural settings, we live in relation to man made created spaces. Such spaces suggest that one 'sees pictures' — that everyday objects exist in our minds as images."

All photographs from the series A Series of Human Decisions

All Images © Bill Jacobson