Friday, November 20, 2009

Graphic Intersections: V. 02 Call For Entries!

With the first installment completed and awaiting exhibition, The Exposure Project is pleased to announce that it will be moderating a second chapter of Graphic Intersections. The first round was one of the most unexpected and rewarding projects that we've worked on to date and we are excited to see another installment unfold. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, the statement below explains it in detail:

Graphic Intersections, loosely inspired by the old Surrealist and Dadaist game Exquisite Corpse, is a project that will attempt to unite disparate artists in an interconnected, photographic relay of images inspired by one another. For those unfamiliar with Exquisite Corpse, it is succinctly described here:

"Among Surrealist techniques exploiting the mystique of accident was a kind of collective collage of words or images called the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). Based on an old parlor game, it was played by several people, each of whom would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold the paper to conceal part of it, and pass it on to the next player for his contribution."

Essentially, this is how Graphic Intersections works. We will collect submissions from interested photographers until January 5th, at which point we will select the participating artists and designate one of these photographers to start the whole thing off. The first photographer will be given a prompting word to work from and will subsequently make photographs inspired by this idea. They will send us their favorite and most representative image from this session which we will then send along to the next artist. The succeeding artist, based solely on their visual, emotional, intellectual, or philosophical response, will in turn make photographs in artistic reaction to the one they were given. The artists involved will not be given any written material to accompany the photograph, nor will they know whose image they're responding to. This is designed to propagate randomness and avoid preconceived biases. This process will continue until the chain has been completed.

There are a few stipulations with the Graphic Intersections project. Firstly, participating photographers will be required to shoot, develop/import and submit their chosen image in no more than 2 weeks. I realize that this does not leave a tremendous amount of time to carry out this process. However, in the interest of completing this venture in under a year it seems necessary to instate a time frame. Secondly, chosen photographers will have to exercise a certain amount of patience and trust in the process, as there will be 20 artists each with a two week time slot. Lastly, images submitted for this project must be taken specifically for Graphic Intersections. Each photographer must submit a new image which does exist in a previously constructed body of work.

Submission Procedure

- Interested photographers should visit the "Submissions" page on the website to pay the $10 submission fee.
- You may then submit up to 10 images
- Images should be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side
- Formatted as RGB JPG's @ 72 dpi
- All files should be labeled with the artist's last name and corresponding # (example: smith_1.jpg)
- E-mail submitted images to:

Please note that submitted images will not be included in Graphic Intersections. They are simply used reference points in the curatorial process. Additionally, all photographers will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of their submission.

Submission Deadline

January 5th, 2010 @ 11:59pm