Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael Cardinali

In my opinion Michael Cardinali is a photographer’s photographer. His dedication to the medium and limitless ability to see the world in new ways is inspiring. Cardinali embodies all the virtues that one would imagine a photographer to have. His diverse body of work reflects a romantic, contemplative and thoughtful way of looking at the world around him. When looking at Cardinali’s work I am reminded of Robert Frost’s poetry which was critiqued in the Anthology of Modern Poetry (Oxford University Press) where it is mentioned that behind a sometimes charmingly familiar and rural façade, Frost's poetry frequently presents pessimistic and menacing undertones which are often unrecognized.

Here is a selection of Cardinali’s work including one from his most recent project on the Arnold Arboretum where he writes, "It’s a complicated place where order and unencumbered growth exist atop one another, reflecting the way we live in a dance between different if not entirely opposite forces".

You can see more of Michael Cardinali's work at