Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photographic Typologies: Jeff Brouws

Jeff Brouws is one of the most successful contemporary employers of the photographic typology. He has subjected numerous projects to this format of comparative observation; among them are Signs Without Signification, Strip Malls, Surveillance Cameras and Freshly Painted Houses. Unlike many other typological studies that retain an almost scientific neutrality, Brouws' explorations possess a drab, deadpan humor that elevate his subjects beyond their rigid portrayal. One can also draw many parallels between Brouws' work and the work of Ed Ruscha. This correlation seems the most founded in Ruscha's Twentysix Gasoline Stations and 34 Parking Lots in Los Angeles.

From Top to Bottom:

Slightly Salmon, Daly City, California, 1991

Coral Surprise, Daly City, California, 1991

Tawny Taffy, Daly City, California, 1991

Tango Blue, Daly City, California, 1991

Photographs from the series American Typologies: Freshly Painted Houses

All Images © Jeff Brouws