Monday, November 12, 2007

Sarah Malakoff

I was browsing through the new issue of Esopus Magazine today and discovered the work of Sarah Malakoff. Enclosed were a selection of photographs from her series of domestic interiors, which depict oddly colorful and animated rooms and the objects that reside within them. It would be hard to deny that many of Malakoff's photographs would exude a completely different emotional quality if not for the extravagantly textured and colorful wall papers and rugs that can be found strewn throughout her work. That is not to say that the images rely on these decorative elements as an aesthetic crutch, they do not. These visual flairs only help to accentuate a strange psychological narrative that pulses through these spaces. Each one possesses a unique character, not unlike human beings. This anthropomorphic quality is what gives Malakoff's work the seemingly contradictory air it boasts; the engaging and energized stillness that exists within each image.

From Top to Bottom:

Untitled Interior (blizzard), 2005

Untitled Interior (green stairwell), 2005

Untitled Interior (boat bar), 2006

Untitled Interior, 2002

All Images © Sarah Malakoff