Saturday, January 5, 2008

Alec Soth's Dog Days Bogotá

I just picked a copy of Alec Soth's Dog Days Bogotá at the Harvard Bookstore. In keeping with Sleeping By The Mississippi & Niagara, Dog Days is a beautifully assembled monograph that continues to expose Soth's diversity as a truly exploratory artist. He has made some distinctly different presentational choices with Dog Days, opting for a smaller, more intimate format and less descriptive writing to inform the images. Soth's decision to incorporate less writing is appropriate in this instance, not because the images speak more powerfully without explanation but because the creation as a whole feels more personal and less emotionally definable. The series was created in an effort to present Soth's adopted daughter Carmen with a visual document of her native culture. He writes:

Carmen's birthmother gave her a book filled with letters, pictures and poems. "I hope that the hardness of the world will not hurt your sensitivity," she wrote, "When I think about you I hope that your life is full of beautiful things."

For anyone interested, you can buy a copy of Dog Days Bogotá here. I highly recommend it.

From Top to Bottom:

Untitled 12, Bogotá

Untitled 05, Bogotá

Untitled 29, Bogotá

Untitled 07, Bogotá

All Images © Alec Soth