Friday, January 11, 2008

An Image A Week: Darin Mickey

Darin Mickey's project Stuff I Gotta Remember Not To Forget is a portrait of his father Ken, a man who sells converted storage space in abandoned mines and caves in Kansas. The body of work is as much an exploration of Midwestern banality and everyday life as it is an intimate portrayal of a business and family man. Mickey's photographs (in the great J & L tradition) are spontaneous but honest representations that expose the smallest wonders and affinities found in commonplace locations.

J & L Books recently released Stuff I Gotta Remember Not To Forget, which can be purchased here. In addition, they are also offering a set of limited edition prints which includes three 8" x 10" c-prints and a signed copy of the book.

Washing Dishes, Amarillo, Texas

Image © Darin Mickey