Monday, January 7, 2008

Nathalie Mohadjer

Nathalie Mohadjer's series Blood Honey documents a Bosnian refugee camp more than 10 years after the devastation wrought by the war. The title of the series takes its name from the Turkish translation of the word Balkan: which literally translated comprises the words Blood + Honey. The camp depicted in Mohadjer's photographs (called Grab Potog) consists mainly of displaced agricultural farmers and their families who rely predominantly of food donations to survive. Social strife is prevalent in refugee camps and Grab Potog is certainly no exception. Abject poverty, drug use, cultural and ethnic displacement largely contribute to a life of instability and discord. Though some of these influences can be seen in Mohadjer's photographs, there also exists a strong sense of vibrancy and hope. Displayed in the faces and interiors of Grab Potog exists a perseverance that can only be found in the face of extreme adversity.

All photographs from the series Blood Honey

All Images © Nathalie Mohadjer