Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photographic Typologies: Frank Breuer

German photographer Frank Breuer, a disciple of the Becher's and propagator of the Düsseldorf aesthetic, captures the sterility of industrial and commercial architecture. Stylistically, his images do not stray far from those of his mentors, choosing to appease rather than challenge the well established German aesthetic. Breuer's intellectually methodical approach is evident in this excerpt from his artist statement, where he asserts:

Helped by photography the tension here between the buildings' imagined and relative size may be constructed: Through the method of their placement in the image space and their necessarily reduced scale, the buildings may be displayed in their topographic environment as alien and displaced objects.

From Top to Bottom:

Untitled 2002

Untitled 1995

Untitled 2001

Untitled 2000

Images © Frank Breuer