Monday, March 3, 2008

Photographic Typologies: Sarah Stolfa

Sarah Stolfa's project The Regulars explores the loneliness and isolation of the urban bar dweller. Her portraits compassionately avoid exploitation, rendering her subjects instead with a quiet dignity. Typological studies that focus on human subjects are as deeply rooted in the history of photography as those that examine more utilitarian themes. From photography's inception, photographic survey teams were dispatched to foreign cultures to typological document the physical characteristics of "exotic" civilizations. When viewed along this historical spectrum, Stolfa's images resonate as a contemporary exploration of social rather than ethnic inquiry. The Regulars investigates the psychology of detachment and isolation in a culture growing continually more fragmented.

Thanks to Stan over at Reciprocity Failure for the recommendation.

From Top To Bottom:

Mike Slaughter, 2006

Ed Taylor, 2005

Joanna O'Boyle, 2005

Arpson Bravos, 2005

All Images © Sarah Stolfa