Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chad Muthard's Lost In Thought

I received an e-mail from Philadelphia-based photographer Chad Muthard the other day with a link to his series Lost In Thought. In the statement for the work, Muthard asserts that this project:

"attempts to document periods of time spent with other individuals. The photographs are less about the actual experience and more about how those experiences shape your day to day and come to be in a constant state of circulation within your own mind. While you drift off to sleep or daydream at your job, the people you share your life with help to construct your own thoughts, aspirations, and ideals.

The correlation between breaking down the photographic plane of the image as an object and the dissection of the shared experience through over analysis produce an image which creates a platform for a furthered understanding of both areas."

While you're at Muthard's website, you should also check out his series Missing Teeth.

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All Images © Chad Muthard