Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Image A Week: John Baldessari

Unfortunately, conceptual artist John Baldesarri's recent contributions to this year's Whitney Biennial exhibition are done little justice online. With that being said, however, I felt compelled to share one of them for anyone who didn't get a chance to see them in person. As Todd Alden writes:

"Baldessari’s recent wall-bound works continue in this manner, furthering a dialogue with Surrealist invention by juxtaposing fragmented body parts and creating more unexpected pairings...Eliding body fragments into colorful, gap-filled, elliptical tableaux, “these works,” the artist notes, “can be seen not as painting, photography, or sculpture, but as a melding of all three.”

Elbow (Blue) with Desk, 2007

Work © John Baldesarri