Friday, July 17, 2009

Blurb's Photography Book Now

Submissions for Blurb's Photography Book Now contest recently closed. In total, more than 2,000 photographers entered books into the competition. We spent some time going through all of the entries and selected some of our favorites. Click the titles below to preview the books.

"Vague Vagaries"
© Mike Fleming

"One To Nothing"
© Irina Rozovsky

"Removing Mountains"
© Daniel Shea

"What Light Remains In The Absence"
© Adam Thorman

© Christina Seely

"Space Between Hours"
© Elizabeth Pedinotti

"Some Fox Trails In Virginia"
© Susan Worsham

"Life With Maggie"
© Ofer Wolberger

In addition, and in the interest of shameless self-promotion, Anastasia and I submitted books as well, which can be viewed below.

"Love and Rivalry"
© Anastasia Cazabon

"The Family Dig"
© Ben Alper