Friday, August 17, 2007

Corey Arnold's Articness

I have been really enjoying the work of Corey Arnold lately, found via Humble Arts Foundation's Solo Show gallery. As a means of escaping suburban Southern California, Corey headed north to become a fisherman and elude the monotony of suburban life.

"Articness is a group of images from the far North that I've compiled over the past 3 years. These are outtakes from the visual journal of my life as a fisherman in the Bering Sea, and my wanderings around Artic Norway during the off season. With these photographs, I strive to inspire the adventure of escaping common life."

Arnold's photographs have achieved what he intended. When I look at his work, I am tempted to leave my comfortable routine behind and set out to explore places that I've only seen in photographs.

From Top to Bottom:

Finnmarkscape, 2006

Sei Sunset, 2005

Finnmark Boy, 2005

Road To Somewhere North, 2006

All Images © Corey Arnold