Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Image A Week: Phillip Pisciotta

Phillip Pisciotta's portraits possess an unnerving intimacy. At times melancholy, vulnerable and humorous, Pisciotta's photographs render his subjects with humanistic sensitivity. As emotionally revealing as his images can be, it is never at the expense or well being of his willing sitters. The line walked between exploitation and admiration is often a fine one, but Phillip Pisciotta has aired on the side of respectful artistic integrity.

As a prologue, I had a great deal of trouble finding more than a handful of Pisciotta's photographs online. He has seemingly avoided having a substantial web presence. If anyone has any good leads on where to find more of his work, I would be grateful.

Phillip Pisciotta, A. Lone, Portland, Maine. 2000
Image © Phillip Pisciotta