Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paper Placemats (ATL)

Throughout the month of October, J & L Books will launch a public art project entitled Paper Placemats (ATL). The project was commissioned by Atlanta Celebrates Photography and curated by Jason Fulford in an effort to enrich and cultivate growth of the photographic arts in the Atlanta area.

J & L will print and distribute 80,000 photographic paper placemats throughout October to the following restaurants in the metropolitan ATL area:

The Globe, Aprés Diem, Flying Biscuit Café Midtown, Thumbs Up Diner, Flying Biscuit Café Candler Park, Village Pizza, Ria’s Bluebird, West Egg Café, Perk Place Coffee Shop, Canton Street Cafe, Havana Sandwich Shop, Watershed and Crescent Moon.

The curatorial powers of Jason Fulford have been exercised fully, having yielded an impressively diverse array of photographers to collaborate on this project, including:

Ethan Andrews, Roy Arden, Roger Ballen, Zander Blom, William Boling, Able Brown, Melissa Catanese, Reuben Cox, Paul Davis, Tim Davis, Jason Evans, Ted Fair, Harrell Fletcher, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Gill, Andrew Z. Glickman, Maury Gortemiller, James Hall, Kyoko Hamada, Cristobal Hara, Nicole Jean Hill, Margarete Jakschik, Dave Jordano, Ron Jude, Hee Jin Kang, Martin Kippenberger, David La Spina, Michael David Murphy, Ed Panar, Gus Powell, Greta Pratt, Shawn Records, Will Rogan, Sasha Rudensky, Michael Schmelling, Shimabuku, David Shrigley, Mike Slack, Camilo Jose Vergara and Douglas Weathersby.

For anyone residing in the Atlanta area, or for that matter dining in any of the above-mentioned establishments during October, I would keep an eye out for these unique placemats. Unlike the first installment of the Paper Placemats project, these placemats will only be available in restaurants and will not be purchasable in the foreseeable future.

From Top to Bottom:

Roy Arden, Solar, 2005

Nicole Jean Hill, Audie

All Images © the Artists