Monday, August 13, 2007

Monograph Addendum

In a moment of embarrassing oversight, I realized that I omitted a few key players in the photographic publishing world; namely Nazraeli Press & Phaidon. So to make amends I will report on their upcoming offerings. Phaidon will publish a retrospective monograph of the work Stephen Shore, aptly titled Stephen Shore. It will span Shore's career from his early residence at the Warhol factory, to his explorations with conceptual photography and his influential examinations of the American landscape. Nazraeli Press will publish Habitat 7, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao's book of large-scale composite photographs taken along the IRT "7" subway that runs from Times Square to Northwest Queens. As a long-time resident living along the "7" train, Liao became interested in documenting the complexity and ethnic diversity found in the neighborhoods adjacent to the "7". The result is an exploration into the settlement patterns of immigrants to this country and the hope for a better, "American" way of life. Nazraeli will also publish Aaron Ruell's book of witty and playful photographs, wryly named Some Photos. As a side note, Ruell is better known for his portrayal of Kip, Napolean Dynamite's deadpan older brother. Also of note is Kazuumi Takahashi's High Tide Wane Moon, a meditative look at the relationship between the moon and the ocean.

From Top to Bottom:

Aaron Ruell, Image From the Book Some Photos

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, Long Island Rail Road, Hunter's Point.

Kazuumi Takahashi, Image From the Book High Tide Wane Moon

All Images © the Artists