Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Image A Week: Jason Fulford

The work of Jason Fulford on first inspection is deceptively simple. His witty observations of everyday minutia breath life and awe into the smallest wonders of our complex world. Maybe this is what I find so appealing about his work. He has simplified a visually chaotic world, rendering it with simplistic beauty. If any contemporary photographer's work puts a smile on my face, it would be the work of Jason Fulford. His photographs may be many things, but first and foremost, they are enchanting.

I recommend viewing Fulford's work in book form. His sequencing is always thought-provoking, often pairing images that speak to the disparate connection between objects, textures and environments. J&L Books (co-founded by Fulford and partner Leanne Shapton) have published 2 of his monographs, Sunbird & Crushed, while The Ice Plant published Raising Frogs For $$$ in 2006.

Image © Jason Fulford