Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Marco Bohr's Observatories

I recently rediscovered the work of Marco Bohr, whose images I had originally seen in the book reGeneration: 50 photographers of tomorrow. His series Observatories depicts people interacting with their surroundings, focusing just as much on the reactions of the observers as the landscapes being observed. Bohr explains:

"Despite all its connotations within our cultural and social identity, the photographs in Observatories are more than anything a reflection of ourselves. Time and again, images make us understand our surroundings and our condition, maybe even our foundation. Observatories is an exploration of these themes that inevitably leaves it up to the viewer to make his own conclusions. The undefined scenery and washed out highlights are as much an invitation to imagine the view of a landscape, as it is an invitation to define our self. Thus as Kevin Robins writes in Into the Image: "We now articulate our identity through coming to terms with the image rather than the reality."

From Top To Bottom:

Mori Tower

Osanbashi Pier

Shibuya Station II

Haneda Airport

Near Haneda Airport

All Images © Marco Bohr