Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lisa Kereszi


Photographer Lisa Kereszi's work is quite fascinating, raising interesting questions about how we view and erect our environment. Her often ambiguous observations of cultural spaces lends itself theatrically to the imagination. The context and identity of the spaces and people she photographs often remain fragmented and anonymous, leaving the viewer with the task of extracting their own significance from the work. It is this fusion of documentary observation with a palpable narrative bent that gives Kereszi's work the strong resonance it possesses. As her former teacher Stephen Shore has put it:

"The other aspect, and perhaps more significant, is the way the structure of Lisa's images communicates the taste of the culture she's observing. I don't see her work as a commentary on the culture she's photographing, but rather as an observation. The intention of her work is more fragmentary and poetic than it is documentarian. She uses cultural observations as a resonant force in her visual poetry."

From Top to Bottom:

Bus Stop with sea spray, Governors Island, 2003

Fourth of July at the Racetrack, Near Salisbury, CT, 1999

"X" onstage, New Orleans, LA, 2000

Lucia with Liz Taylor, East Village, NYC, 2000

All Images © Lisa Kereszi