Friday, September 14, 2007

An Image A Week: Mark Wyse

In the absence of last week's posting, this blog shall feature two installments of 'An Image A Week'. Fellow Exposure Project member Eric Watts brought the work of Mark Wyse to my attention the other day. His large scale, color photographs depict natural and man made landscapes, rendered in hyper-realistic beauty. Many of Wyse's photographs incorporate human figures into their compositions, seemingly alluding to man's imprint on, and subsequent relationship to the land. The photographs that do not include physical human presence, represent it in the form of quiet, residential studies where architecture is contrasted with lush natural surroundings.
In a description of Wyse's monograph, published by Nazraeli Press, these observations are made:

"In Wyse's hands, the drama of the view is never found in the landscape it describes, nor the light it exploits, but in the very act of perception itself."

Untitled, From the series 18 Landscapes
Image © Mark Wyse