Wednesday, December 12, 2007

European Photography

I came upon the publication European Photography the other day and was quite impressed by overall presentation of the publication and the breadth of work contained within. The issue I saw (#81) consisted of bodies of work exploring the transformation of Berlin. Featured photographers included, Angus Boulton, Ulrich Wüst, Hannes Wanderer, Andreas Göx, Frank Thiel and Norbert Wiesneth to name a few. I had trouble tracking it down, however, if you're interested in buying issues, you can do so here.

From Top To Bottom:

Hannes Wanderer & Andreas Göx, Image from the series Time Out

Norbert Wiesneth, Image from the series INZWISCHEN (2002-2006)

Angus Boulton- Leipziger Strasse 2.9.98

All Photographs © the Artists