Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photographic Typologies: Henry Wessel

In the early 1990's, Henry Wessel created a body of work entitled House Pictures. The project found its influence in real estate photographs that Wessel's mother had laying around. Almost thirty years later, Wessel created a body of work that found its inspiration in these original real estate reference photographs. His photographs of Southern Californian bungalows depict in deadpan fashion the pursuit of home ownership as the embodiment of the American dream. Much like Jeff Brouws' series Freshly Painted Houses, Wessel's House Pictures highlights the futility of creativity in the landscape and hints at a human presence only decipherable in the smallest, most ephemeral details.

From Top to Bottom:

Real Estate Photograph No. 90602

Real Estate Photograph No. 90967

Real Estate Photograph No. 91117

Real Estate Photograph No. 91265

Real Estate Photograph No. 91517

All Images © Henry Wessel