Sunday, December 16, 2007

Geert Goiris

Found the work of Belgian photographer Geert Goiris in the monograph Vitamin PH: New Trends In Contemporary Photography. Goiris' photographs are at first strangely offputting, immediately calling into question the relation of one image to another. On further inspection, however, they reveal disparate connections between the complexity of human settlement. The image Rhino In Fog, 2003 is representative of the challenging manner in which Goiris' photographs operate. The sedentary animal appears geographically out of place, as if subjected to a reality that is foreign and strange. Perhaps, just seeing a Rhinoceros in a foggy, green field simply defies the typical connotations associated with this specific animal.

From Top To Bottom:

Rhino In Fog, 2003

Kurort, 2004

Spitsbergen, 1998

Wittgenstein, 2001

All Images © Geert Goiris