Sunday, May 25, 2008

Joakim Eskildsen's The Roma Journeys

I found the work of Joakim Eskildsen via the French webmag Purpose. His extensive series The Roma Journeys chronicles the lives and struggles of Roma people in 7 countries. For anyone unfamiliar with the word Roma, as I was, it refers to a wandering nomadic people of a dispersed ethnic group spread across Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Although they predominately live in permanent housing, the Roma are still largely considered a nomadic culture.

From Top To Bottom:

The Morning Bus, Hevesaranyos

Winter I, Hevesaranyos

The Kiss, the Eggs, and the Madonnas, Hevesaranyos

Seija's Room I, Masala

Winter V, Hevesaranyos

All Images © Joakim Eskildsen