Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kent Rogowski's Love=Love

I came across Kent Rogowski's project Love=Love today. Comprised of large scale photographs of mismatched puzzle piece compositions, the images in Love=Love are rendered as fantastical landscapes inspired by traditionally bucolic imagery. In the press release for Rogowski's show at the Jen Bekman Gallery, it states:

"In photographing his completed objects, Rogowski transforms them yet again. Shifting the scale of the photographic image modulates the grid-like uniformity produced by the borders of the puzzle pieces, diminishing or increasing the order they exert over the chaos of the constructed image."

Kent Rogowski's Love=Love
Jen Bekman Gallery
6 Spring Street
New York, NY
Through Saturday June 14th

From Top To Bottom:

Untitled #4, 2006

Untitled #2, 2006

Untitled #7, 2007

Untitled #9, 2008

All Images © Kent Rogowski