Thursday, May 15, 2008

New York Photo Festival '08

The New York Photo Festival is officially in full swing in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Curated by Martin Parr, Lesley Martin, Tim Barber and Kathy Ryan, the festival aims to bring together the "future of contemporary photography." And from the looks of it, this seems hard to deny. There is an eclectic and talented group of artists on view, which include:

Claudia Angelmaier, Ananké Asseff, Roger Ballen, Jan Banning, Robert Bowen, Marco Breuer, Michel Campeau, Natalie Czech, Raphaël Dallaporta, Julian Faulhaber, Harrell Fletcher, Andreas Gefeller, Stephen Gill, Jan Kempenaers, Alejandra Laviada, Curtis Mann, Jeffrey Milstein, Simon Norfolk, Sarah Pickering, Horacio Salinas, Joachim Schmid, Lars Tunbjörk, Penelope Umbrico, WassinkLundgren, Hank Willis Thomas, Katherine Wolkoff and Donovan Wylie.

There will also be dozens of artist talks and panel discussions taking place throughout the duration of the festival. So, many in fact that your best bet would be to just refer to the Events Calendar portion of their website.

The festival website is quite comprehensive and will undoubtedly have the answer to any question you may have. So, check it out.