Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Polaroid Portrait Challenge

JPG Magazine has teamed up with Flak Photo and File Magazine to celebrate the wonders of Polaroid with the Polaroid Portrait Challenge. The website states:

"Polaroid photos are almost magical. The whir of the camera gears moving, the slow process of the image appearing, and the beautiful softness and color palette of the final image all make the process distinct. Even though the days of Polaroid film may be numbered, let's celebrate in style."

All interested photographers have until June 7th to submit polaroids. The chosen images will run as a feature in JPG issue 17.

Thanks to Andy over at Flak Photo for the head's up!

From Top To Bottom:

Dragonflies In Flight, Thelma Blizzard

Are you Glad To See The Back Of ME?, Claire Sambrook

Images © The Artists