Monday, November 24, 2008

Eyal Pinkas' The Landing

Israeli born, Amsterdam based photographer Eyal Pinkas' domestic constructions strike a similar conceptual chord as the photographs of Alejandra Laviada do. In his statement, Pinkas notes:

"My work is constructed of momentary interferences in the appearance of places and things that are parts of my personal surrounding. I stage common objects and casual interiors, to suggest an autonomous behavior enacted by these components.

The adaptations I am making can be best described as studies on the question of how something would appear if it were able to assume the identity it secretly desires. As a guiding line for my work, I try to imagine what the fantasies of the objects are and infuse them with a Don Quixotic flare. They become fully inspired by their imagination and determine their appearance by it."

You can also read a wonderful and insightful interview with Pinkas over at This Is That.

All photographs from the series The Landing

All Images © Eyal Pinkas