Friday, November 7, 2008

Natascha Libbert's Men At Airshow & Waterland

Dutch photographer Natascha Libbert e-mailed me yesterday to share some of her recent work. I particularly gravitated toward her series' Men At Airshow & Waterland, both of which, in their own ways, address "the manner in which we give form to our world." Her images strike a fascinating balance between detachment and compassion. This seeming paradox is incredibly hard to achieve, but the results are quite compelling when rendered with the precision and juxtapositional quality of Libbert's best images.

There is an overwhelming amount of work on Libbert's website, however, in addition to the two series' mentioned above, I highly recommend Seemingly Insignificant & Sportsfields.

From Top To Bottom:

Top 3 images from the series Men At Airshow

Bottom 3 images from the series Waterland

All Images © Natascha Libbert