Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ville Lenkkeri's Reality In The Making

Swedish photographer Ville Lenkkeri's project Reality In The Making deals largely with the artifice and replication that permeates social consciousness. Many of the images from this series depict constructed environments in museums, which, much like Richard Barnes' series Animal Logic, undermine the authority of space. In his statement, Lenkkeri declares:

"Sometimes it is as if we were living a life less unique. As if experinece had largely been replaced by simulations and models and books and recordings, and as if life were known to us by its fragments. Also it is as if our lives were gradually becoming a compliance with preset standards, since all the possible shapes a life can take are already known and learned. That would turn us into mere spectators of our own lives, since life would escape our will and only be shown to us like a movie on TV.

But then again, if it were like that - or when it gets to be like that - we would turn our backs in frustration on this evolution of control and return our gaze from the preserved and the exhibited to life itself. A sample can present the whole only when the whole is a known entity. Fragments of life always fail to reveal the whole of it."

From Top To Bottom:


Arctic Fauna

Looking Out Of A Museum Window



All Images © Ville Lenkkeri