Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paul Salveson

I found Paul Salveson's work via Fjord's relatively new Artists' Space gallery. His ritualistic look at the commonplace ephemera that fills our lives is refreshingly lighthearted and self-deprecating. In his statement, Salveson proclaims:

"In my photographs, I aim to worship objects I encounter every day, and present them as rebuilt icons with ambiguous purposes. I utilize details in my environment, and frame them to create simplicity and unfamiliarity. The obsessive arrangement of the pieces of my world allows for a reinvention of their purpose and meaning. The process of my photography is suffused with ritual, centering around transformation and re-presentation. When I encounter a certain desirable situation, place, or object, I collect it either physically or mentally. The combining of these logged items results in an event which is photographed meticulously until a formal balance is met. Implicit, but consistent and unyielding rules dictate the composition of my works."

All Images © Paul Salveson