Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adam Krawesky's In Stride

The new issue of MakingRoom Magazine features a slideshow of images from Adam Krawesky's series In Stride. Below is an excerpt from the interview conducted for the MakingRoom piece:

MR: There is a strong narrative trend that runs through most of your work. You're a writer as well as a photographer so do you see the two as informing each other or are they quite separate processes?

AK: I wrote much more before I began photographing things, but the writing has waned. I do write from time to time about something that happened while I was out making pictures, so there one does literally inform the other. The physical act of being stationary and writing is the opposite of walking the streets to make photos, but the creative act has more in common, at least for me. Writing for me is a form of wandering, a chosen path through a maze of possibilities, and so is roaming the streets with a camera. Both are tedious and physically taxing, occasionally interrupted by a surprise of discovery.
I’m not sure that I try to create a narrative in any picture that I make, instead I hope to make a picture that engages someone else to make their own narrative out of it. I think the same can be said for good writing, something that strikes a balance between vagueness and comprehensive description in a way that draws the reader in enough for them to want to create their own story to fill the gaps.

All photographs from the series In Stride

All Images© Adam Krawesky