Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Matthew Monteith's Cars

Matthew Monteith's project Cars strongly utilizes Photography's powers of transformation. His examinations of contemporary automative design effortlessly walk the line between banality and monumentality. Monteith possesses the distinct ability to infuse even the most pedestrian subjects with a kind of formal seductiveness. As his statement confirms:

"Cars have been removed from their purpose of transportation, as they grow larger and less fuel-efficient. The experience of traveling through a place becomes the experience of traveling in a car. Intended as an extension of the family living room, the interiors of cars are designed to be banal and functional, but exhibit a latent eroticism. These vehicles represent a transformation in society as the global economy becomes more and more consumer driven, suppressing human emotions and contact and replacing them with hyper-designed representations of desire."

All photographs from the series Cars

All Images © Matthew Monteith