Monday, December 1, 2008

Wassenaar 02

I got an e-mail from Noel over at We Can't Paint alerting me that he is now accepting submissions for Wassenaar 02. Every photographically minded person should take advantage of this opportunity, as Wassenaar is one of the most exciting new forums for photography currently online. Below you can find all the necessary specifications:

Wassenaar Magazine is currently looking for submissions of photography, writing, and photo books/zines to be featured in Issue 02. Before submitting please carefully read the instructions listed in each category. All material (photographs, writing, books/zines) will be considered fairly and weighted against the total submissions received.

Due to the relatively large amount of entries received, we cannot respond to individual questions concerning your submitted photographs.

Send all submissions with the subject line "Wassenaar 02"

DEADLINE: January 28, 2009


When submitting photographs for consideration we ask that you include a brief bio in the body of your email (let us know who you are!). An artist statement or description of the submitted images is not necessary but strongly encouraged. Please include your description (optional) and any relivant titles that may help us with the selection process. Image submission details are outlined below:

- Send a selection of 8 -10 images from a body of work
- No image should be over 5mb
- All images should be 72 dpi
- Sized at 550 pixels high/tall
- Saved as a .jpg file and labeled with no spaces or punctuation like this:


*Note: No zip files please (attach the images to the email instead)*


Wassenaar is always interested in articles, essays, and interviews. Please format your written submission as follows:

Send a brief summery or intent of your article/essay in the body of the e-mail with the actual article/essay formatted for Microsoft Word as an attachment. If you are submitting an interview, please attach 3-5 sample images (if relevant) along with the complete written piece as an attachment formatted for Microsoft Word.