Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photographic Typologies: Jon Feinstein

Jon Feinstein e-mailed to to share some images from his wonderful project Fast Food, a typology which explores the fine line between temptation and repulsion in fast food culture. As Feinstein notes in his statement:

"Since the 1950's fast food has become so globalized that its icons are often as recognizable as popular historical figures—its image heavily branded into the public periphery. "Fast Food" is a typological exploration of the food on its own. Burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets and "specialty" sandwiches are presented on stark black backgrounds, isolated from their common context, without name recognition, nearly floating in space. Under austere, uniform lighting; stripped of logos, packaging and iconography, the food takes on a disgustingly ethereal and scientific quality. These images investigate the love/hate relationship that many Americans have with fast food and, like many other aspects of popular culture, its ability to be simultaneously seductive and repulsive."

From Top To Bottom:

8 Grams

29 Grams

11 Grams

13 Grams

42 Grams

All Images © Jon Feinstein